Saturday, April 28, 2012

Gratitude of Bookish Proportions and How One Thing Leads to Another

Cover of Book "Arash's World" by Arash Farzaneh
Things have come wonderfully, miraculously together in full circle. Years ago in a place then referred to as West Germany, a shy, somewhat reclusive child wished upon a star to see one day his name on the cover of a bound book, and recently, the now less shy but still somewhat reclusive (albeit for different reasons now) individual living on the West Coast of Canada has had his first book printed by a German publisher. Not only was his very first writing as well as dreams of becoming a writer in the German language, but so is his publishing house. It is interesting how, at least symbolically, past and future weave a continuous arc.

To add to the wondrous aspect of it is the fact that the same person (by now you may have surely guessed that this post is graphically autobiographical) had spent, over the span of a few years, his wits and energy to get published but received form (rejection) letters from agents and publishing houses. As a result, he decided to let this year (2012) just slide by so that he could take aim again, with renewed confidence and endurance in the following (unlucky-appearing) 2013!

So to keep building on this fairy-tale anecdote, the aforementioned individual (yes, me!) decided to somewhat selfishly post on this adopted brainchild of his (this blog) a letter to the powers that be asking for a job, an ipad for his son and a published piece of work, see link. All three have again (and I hope I am not jinxing my luck!) received a check.

Yes, wishes and prayers, if done with honesty, genuine affection and if they are accompanied with blood and sweat can come true. Yet at the same time, the whole process of writing / posting, sharing and reshaping it all in a book could not have been more pleasurable indeed. All of this has led to a see-saw type of feeling deep inside, where I have become both humbled and elevated as a consequence.

In fact, I am aware that none of this would have happened if not for your generous and sympathetic interest, dear reader, and for one of those fortuitous (divine?) circumstances of (the hand of destiny?) guiding my wondrous, patiently diligent, resourceful and hardworking editor Maxim Gorbulea to the pages of this blog. A hearty thanks to you for putting my world on the map, both in cyber space and in printland!

Although people nowadays complain about a lack of reading, it is interesting to note that our obsession with print publications has not been erased or even diminished all this time. Many of you are fellow bloggers / writers (or writers / bloggers, or writer-bloggers ad infinitum) and / or are interested in reading and writing. 

It is funny, however, that our efforts as a writer won't be generally appreciated by others until we have published something in print, that is. We are still, even in this age of technology, drawn to have our names typed in black ink. Incidentally, the saying of “lying through one's teeth” has its equivalent German expression of luegen wie gedruckt, “lying as if printed” adding even more weight to the printed word.

So there you have it: one thing leads to another. Again, my deepest heart-felt gratitude to each and everyone of you and the constructive desire that all will be well, or at least as good as possible, for all of us involved. In fact, let not the green-eyed bug bite you since according to the everlasting karmic wheel, wishing well will make us all well, and instead feel free to celebrate with me as I will gladly follow suit.


Vincent said...

Wow, let me be the first here to send congratulations (though not of bookish proportions, I don't have the time).

I always like to read your blog and my only regret is having so little to argue with, usually, with what you've said.

I missed that post in which you sent a letter to the powers that be, which was heard and responded to. You are not the only one to have done that.

So who is this editor with the unlikely name of Maxim Gorbulea?

You are so right about print. That is the first mountain the writer wants to climb. After that it's best-seller status, literary prizes, film contracts, and having the work remembered long after you are gone---though I am not sure how that can be actually enjoyed.

I bought a Kindle a year ago, and though I have 16 pages of titles on it (mostly downloaded myself for nothing, to read away from the computer screen) I've bought more hardbacked books (secondhand wherever possible) in the same time period than at any other point in my life. So blogs and e-books are no enemy of print.

Never mind the green-eyed bug, you are the pathfinder and we rejoice.

Arashmania said...

Thank you, Vincent, for your kind words and support!

Yes, there is a thorn in each of us, driving us toward the next step. You are absolutely right: After having a book out, the next worry is how it will do on the market! Everything should be taken with a grain of salt and one step at a time, but as everything, it is easier said than done.

I also agree with you that blogs and e-books are not enemies of print. I still prefer print myself and think there is a more personal connection with me and the printed word compared to the screen. (Sorry again for agreeing with you entirely.)

Thank you also for reassurance of the green-eyed bug; I am actually surprised how many have been bitten where they should rejoice.

Cyaxares_died said...

I am another blogger who was approached.
I am trying to find out how decent a company they are, their terms etc.
Are you still happy with your publication?

Arashmania said...

Hi Cyaxares_died,

Well, it really depends. The company is legitimate in the sense that they actually exist and will publish your book. The editor is both helpful and resourceful.

My only complaint would be the price they set on books, which is rather high and makes it difficult to sell copies.

Apart from that, it is a nice feeling as a blogger to have something in print to show for. And you will get your complimentary copy and maybe somebody somewhere will accidentally buy it.

Best of luck,