Monday, June 16, 2008

Jesus Fish: The Origin of the Christian Symbol of Faith

Fish in the Vancouver Aquarium

I have often wondered why fish, and not chicken or elephant. Of course, the Bible has many references to fish; his disciples were fishermen; Jesus proclaimed that they were to catch people instead of fish; there was a great gathering where Jesus created a multitude of fish out of merely a few to feed a hungry and impatient crowd. And there is also the fact that on Good Friday one is not to consume any meat with the exception of fish.

Sounds fishy? It turns out that the acronym of “Jesus Christ God’s Son Savior” in ancient Greek leads to the word Ichthys, which means, correct, fish! In Roman times, when Christianity was only practiced in hiding due to Roman persecution, the Christians decided to use the symbol of a fish as a secret sign, which they would scratch on rocks and walls to announce hush-hush gatherings. It also served as a means of recognizing faithful followers. Next time anybody mentions or offers you fish, you know what they are really asking you. But would sushi count? Who knows.

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Jeremiah said...

yo dude. the jesus fish refers to the catfish!

interesting fact: the jesus fish is named thusly because of the jesus image engraved on its skull. the bible refers to this fish and instructs people NOT to harm it!...or something to that affect. i remember to just leave em alone.