Thursday, June 5, 2008

Welcome to Blogger Land: The Reasons Why

Old time print technology

How exciting! I have my own blog! Well, everybody seems to have one these days; I suppose it's not even that special any more. Why now? Why me? Am I simply being a conformist?

Perhaps. It's one of those things where you say it's about time. I admit I have always been suspicious of technology and here I am relying on it for my daily needs. I don't have a credit card yet, but I know when I do I might even start buying things from the Internet.

Is it because of loneliness? Now you're talking. Blogs can be the modern day versions of confessions because we all know priests are not to be trusted in these troubled days and psychologists are too expensive.

To be honest, I hope it will serve as a form of dialogue, a kind of communication with the outside world. Weirdos, teachers, publishers, corporate business-people, aliens, writers, musicians, psychologists, priests, anyone who will take their time to read my posts is welcome to do so.

Many writers these days have blogs. And I think it would be a good way to get others to read and perhaps appreciate my works. Or not. Be free to disagree. I can take it. I will cry a bit and punch the wall, but I will understand in the end. I promise.


Vincent said...

I’m looking forward to some point of disagreement, but haven’t found anything significant yet.

Arashmania said...

Very glad to hear that, Vincent! Great minds think alike, right?