Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Opaque – the Dining in the Dark Experience

A complete black screen
(This is what the restaurant must look like from the inside)

Some people never cease to amaze me! I used to think I had crazy ideas, but this one sure is inspired. In about three locations in California, people now have the option of dining in a pitch-black atmosphere in a restaurant called Opaque. The waiters and waitresses are mostly blind or sight-impaired. You will be led by them into a dark room where you will be served and where you eventually (try to) eat your food.

What is the point of it all? Good question. Your sense of taste will be heightened as you will not be distracted by what the other person is wearing or doing. You can focus on the food and on the occasional frightened and freaked out comments of your friends or the faceless noise coming from the sea of voices all around you.

You will probably, no definitely, spill food and water, wine, beer all over yourself, so don’t wear your best suit or clothes. It will be hard to give your neighbor or the person opposite you a taste of your delicious dish as you will have a hard time finding their mouth. And be careful of not poking your own eyes out with the fork and knife.

Despite all of this (or maybe because of it) I would be thrilled to try it out one day given the chance or opportunity! Not the best idea for a romantic date (unless it is a "blind date" or you don’t want to see eye to eye because you got something to hide), but it is definitely out of the ordinary. And just for that reason, count me in!


Jordan Dawe said...

They actually used to do this at DV8 in Vancouver, and I remember a NYTimes article about restaurants doing it in NY from three or four years back.

JafaBrit's Art said...

I like your blog :)

It is rather intriguing and I would wonder how the experience would alter my sense of taste, as often we eat with our eyes (metaphorically speaking).

Dr. Jay SW said...

It could actually make a blind date less awkward--you'd just have to worry about not letting discomfort show in what you say, while rolling your eyes all you like while you say it.

For people less good and ethical than myself, it could also allow provide excuses for groping--"oops! I thought that was the salt shaker!"

I don't approve of that last sentence at all.

Arashmania said...

I like the idea of it simply because it is weird! Although if you do go, I recommend you go with people you know well since you will be left in the dark ; ) But I do think your sense of smell would increase...

I didn't know they had it at DV8 but they closed down , didn't they? I really liked that place.