Saturday, August 2, 2008

New Romantic Pieces of Fiction

Two aliens in conversation in a cartoon UFO spaceship
Cartoon Spaceship by Mark Van Bebber
For all those interested in multilingual websites of fiction, the following site may be of interest at Writers can submit short stories and poems in various languages, and it is a great way to find some extra exposure.

I recently added three of my stories, Tidal Waves, Confetti, Una marciana historia de amor, and they have gained some readership, which is great! All three of them go back to the kind of fiction I used to relish in (and still occasionally do) about romance, poetry, and the quest for the soul-mate, or your other "half of the orange" as they say here in Mexico.

The first one, Tidal Waves, is a more or less biographical account of an ex-girlfriend and the consequences of being an incurable romantic like me (don’t worry: I have recovered though and am happily married, but at the moment I was heartbroken, of course, during most of my young adulthood actually).

The second one, Confetti, is a love story set in the Mexican colonial town of Morelia where we are living now, and it is about two foreign women, one of them looking to find true love and the other having already found Mr. Right trying to console and help her desolate friend. It makes reference to an actual rather odd but highly interesting event that takes place around here on a regular basis (I haven’t been myself - no need to, see above - but one of my students told me of its existence).

The final one, Una marciana historia de amor, is a note, my first Spanish writing attempt, I wrote for my Mexican wife on Valentine’s Day about how I came to Mexico all lost and forlorn - and found her! It is in form of a modern fairy tale including spaceships, Martians and about being different in a conformist world.

Hope you enjoy it and leave me (favorable) comments, or even better, add and share your own tales of woe and happiness!

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