Thursday, June 2, 2011

Personal Letter to the Almighty or Asking for the Ideal Job

17th century young man writing letter next to an open window
Man Writing a Letter by Gabriel Metsu

Dear God or Powers that Be or Whoever Else is in Charge,

First off, I would like to thank you for existence, my own in particular. That may sound selfish at first glance but I mean it in its most humbling sense. Without my own perspective, that is, without being clothed in the particularity of my personal flesh and skin and, more importantly, consciousness, I would not have had the opportunity to experience this wonderful world of yours.

My gratitude extends hierarchically and dimensionally to include all of existence. Thank you for the existence of my wife and my son and be it extended to everyone from friends to coworkers to any type of acquaintance, including bus drivers, postal workers and pizza delivery men and -women. Yet I would not stop there but would also like to include all types of animals and even insects. Although I am not particularly fond of insects, I am sure they serve a purpose in your kingly domain, and I respect them for that very reason.

Now what does he want from me? You may ask. Indeed I am just like the spoiled child who gives praise because he wants something in return. Yes, I am ashamed to admit that this is so. I could, of course, ask for world peace, but you and I know that it is not possible. It's like asking for the rain to stop or for the Earth to stop rotating. This does not mean that we should stop working for peace, but it is just like the myth of Sisyphus, where we need to content ourselves by constantly trying our best and that's that. That's all we can do really.

But since this is a personal letter and I am being blatantly honest, I am more interested in what affects myself and those close to me. World peace would be too abstract. I will personalize it in the following sense: May there be no major war or any war whatsoever that involves my country (Canada, but it would extend to our neighbors the United States and Green Denmark). 

The reason for this is not just ideological, but because in times of war, I would be completely useless. Who would need a teacher then? And what for? Who would have time for or even interest in visiting Arash's World? Writers may be hired after the war, that is, if they somehow manage to survive it.

What I am interested here is of economic nature. I would like you to help me find stable and somewhat generous income. You know that I have never been a fan of fancy things. However, I do have the palate of a gourmet, something I must have been born with because my son has shown the same tendencies. I would be more than happy with good food, good wine and good coffee. I would like to be able to get by or fill my existence not by scraps, but through delicious quality meals.

Again I am not asking for major luxurious appliances. A solid and reliable laptop with speedy unlimited Internet, a flat-screen TV, a Blu-ray player and a selection of hand-selected movies and a moderately-sized library of books are the extent of material possessions I am asking for. (Maybe also an iPad for my son?)

But I am not interested in cars or clothes, for example. The occasional trip once in a while would be satisfactory as a distraction for the soul and a source of entertainment for my family. If I could ever call a small apartment or duplex my own, I would highly appreciate it, but it is not on my priority list.

Well, I would also prefer a job that I love. I have nothing against working, in fact, I fully appreciate the value of work, but I need to see a personal purpose or mission to it. If it leaves me unfulfilled or guilt-ridden, then it will be a constant source of displeasure. For example, I could not be a businessman because I do not like the idea of exploitation, of taking more than what something is worth and giving back so little. At least, as a teacher I am providing a valuable service, and it is only fair to ask for a little bit of money to compensate for the time and effort.

But again, if I could choose one job, I would like to choose my life-long childhood dream of becoming a writer. Can you arrange some kind of regular stint for me? You know, where I could be paid enough and do what I love most? God knows I have tried... I mean, you know I have tried before. 

If you think my poetry sucks, I will do fiction. If not, then non-fiction. Browse through my blog and choose what you like best. Well, probably the articles that speak in your favor, but I have always been under the impression that you take criticism with a grain of salt and humor.

Strange to think that I could have been a preacher in an alternate life and universe. My faith was strongest in my teenage years. Somehow I managed to drift away from you, but I have never fully severed ties. I have never turned into a full-blown atheist. Whereas now I am feeling you closer than previous times with the Holy Spirit either whispering in my ear or else tickling me under the heels.

So there we go. This is my letter. I hope you will give me the opportunity to continue my quest for truth. Maybe you could give me a little shove in the right direction so I don't get caught up in circles or get lost in a maze?

In the meantime, thank you for this life. I love the way things are going currently. I would just like the financial security to stabilize my path and then I could fully relax and enjoy life to its very core. And I promise, I will try my best to do good onto others. If not, at least, I am not doing evil onto them.

Your mostly faithful servant,


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Arash Farzaneh said...

Thank you, Russ, I very much value and appreciate your input! The letter is both heart-felt and honest and I am glad that we see eye to eye on these issues.

Thank you again for visiting my blog on a regular basis!